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Current Needs List

Project Hope for the Homeless located at 25 Freedom Road in Painesville Township, Ohio, relies on help from the community for needed supplies to help our shelter guests. See our full list below.

You may shop for some of our most critical needs through our AMAZON WISH LIST and have items delivered directly to the shelter at:

You may also support us by purchasing items from our registry with Walmart.

For our Kitchen item registry:

For our Cleaning item registry:


We do accept in-person donations Monday through Fridays from 9 am to noon It’s always good to give us a call at 440.354.6417 ext. 100 before heading over to make sure our office is open. When arriving at the shelter at 25 Freedom Road in Painesville Township, please come to Door No. 2 and ring the buzzer and a staff member will assist you with receiving your donation.

Items marked with an ** are our most needed items.

Adventure Subaru at 1991 Mentor Avenue in Painesville Township, Ohio, also is an official donation drop-off site for Project Hope for the Homeless, just visit them when they are open for business.



** Lunch chips

**Regular coffee

** Decaf coffee

**Coffee creamer

** Bottled water

** Children’s drink boxes (i.e., Capri Sun)

** Sugary cereal

** Sugar, bags not packets

** Artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Equal, Sweet-n-Low) packets, not bags

** Drink mixes (no iced tea and no red flavors please due to possible staining issues)

** Lunch snacks (granola bars, etc)

** Sandwich crackers with cheese filling

** Pudding and fruit cups for lunches

K-cups coffee pods

Applesauce cups

Nutrigrain/Cereal bars

Peanut butter

Ranch dressing

Hot Sauce

Hot Cocoa



** 8 oz disposable coffee cups

** 12 oz disposable paper cups

**12 oz disposable bowls


**Paper plates

**Paper cups

Gallon-size freezer/storage bags

16 oz cereal bowls



** Toilet paper

** Body wash – men’s

** Chapstick

** Men’s deodorant

Women’s deodorant

No-tears shampoo, conditioner, body washes (for little kids)

Large bottles of shampoo/conditioners/body washes


Foot powder/Gold Bond powder



**33-gallon (not 30-gallon) sturdy trash bags

**Latex gloves – large

**Paper towels

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Air freshener (the automatic kind)



** Men’s short sleeve T-shirts (L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)

** Summer sandals/slides (all sizes – babies to youth 0-6, men’s and women’s 5-13)

Men’s boxers (L, XL, 2XL+)

Long sleeve thermal undershirts (large and XL)

Long sleeve thermal underwear (large and XL)

Sweatpants and Sweatshirts (all sizes, men, and women)

Athletic shorts

Pajama/scrub pants

Women’s T-shirts & long-sleeves L/XL/XXL

Women’s Clothing 3X

Women’s & Men’s Underwear L/XL/XXL



**Meijer’s Store gift cards

**Home Depot (for critical shelter needs that pop up from time to time)

**Sam’s Club/Walmart

Gas cards ($25 or less)


Giant Eagle


Local restaurants

Office Supply Stores

Fast Food Places ($10-no McDonald’s needed)

Pizza Places

Laketran Bus Tokens



** Children’s Tylenol liquid

Adult and children’s cough syrup

Allergy Medicine-OTC



NEW ONLY – Pillowcases

NEW ONLY – twin-size fitted sheets

Washcloths and bath towels

Copy Paper (Boise Laser Paper)



Popular Questions
Can I donate used clothing?

No. We are not accepting donations of used clothing at this time. We recommend donating used clothing to the Hope Chest of Lake County located at 1 Victoria Place, Suite 321, in downtown Painesville, where our guests are able to shop for clothing there for free. Visit the Hope Chest of Lake County’s website at to learn more about what they accept and when they accept donations.

Is my donation of goods tax-deductible?

Yes, it is! We provide a receipt for any items donated to the shelter.

Where and when can I drop off item donations?

Donations can be dropped off at our shelter, located at 25 Freedom Road in Painesville Township, Ohio, between 9 a.m. to noon Monday-Friday. We ask that you come to Door 2, and then ring the buzzer to alert a staff member, who will assist you in receiving your donation.

How can I help Project Hope for the Homeless in other ways?

We appreciate any help that you can provide. A great way is to spread the word about Project Hope for the Homeless – tell your friends, neighbors, and your church! Also – spreading the word through social media and visiting our Facebook page is a great way to reach many people, and also keep you informed on our current needs.