Shelter Ministry

Fill out an application today!

Visit the shelter from 8:30-9:30 p.m. and share The Good News. An application, interview, letter of recommendation, and completing our orientation process is required before starting. Leaders will also be qualified shelter volunteers. Guidelines are supplied.

Choirs, soloists, youth groups, and the like are welcome to visit from 8:30-9:30 p.m. Groups are limited to 6 or less—please consult with the volunteer coordinator.

Professionals and certified persons are welcome to share their knowledge or service. These qualified volunteers should be approved and/or scheduled through volunteer services director or another staff person.

Those who are in recovery, have overcome trials, and/or experienced life-changing faith are encouraged to tell their stories of faith, bravery and hope. These volunteers should be approved and/or scheduled through our volunteer services director or another staff person.

Project Hope for the Homeless utilizes volunteers in all facets of the organization. The following are other opportunities to consider…
ADMINISTRATIVE & PROFESSIONAL – A variety of roles are available on an occasional basis. Help answer phones, make copies, prepare mailings or donate your professional services for technology, maintenance or repairs.
SPECIAL EVENTS – At various times throughout the year Project Hope for the Homeless needs help with holiday services or fund raisers. These tasks range from preparing mailings, decorating, soliciting, or attendance at special events.
DAILY NEEDS – Provide packed lunches, much-needed funds, or Wish List items. All are critical to the existence and financial base of Project Hope for the Homeless. Before doing so, consult with Project Hope for the Homeless to communicate ideas, plans, and receive support to make your endeavor a guaranteed success.
OTHER – If you have skills or talents you would like to share and are not listed here or have limited time/capabilities, please speak with volunteer services director to discuss how we can serve together.

Call Missy Knight, our volunteer services director at 354-6417 x106 or e-mail to learn more. You can also fill out an application right now.