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Success Stories

Project Hope for the Homeless had an 86% rate of positive transitions in 2023 within an average stay of about 36 days. We witness miracles every day and our care has served more than 9,000 people since we began in 1993.

Here are few of the many life-changing success stories:

Feb. 2024:

  • It is so good to see how families come into our shelter and react to such a structured program. Their entire day is usually planned and by the time night falls everyone is especially tired. A recent family that just left our shelter wanted to share a thought with us before they left. The mom took a staff member aside and remarked about the structure of our shelter. She wanted us to know that when they first entered, she wasn’t sure it was going to work for her family. She said that after a good week, she noticed her children were adjusting very well to everything planned and thought out. She noticed that the little ones seemed calmer and content. She also wanted to let us know that the time at night we read the devotions is such a great family time. She has never seen her children compete to read a nightly Bible story. They are reading about positive attributes for our lives and treating others kindly. Mom let the staff know that one of the great things they are taking home from the shelter is living with direction. Never thought about this before, thankful.

Jan. 2024:

  • A 7-year-old girl came into the shelter with her family who was facing a variety of deep trauma. The little girl came into the shelter, at first, very quiet and intently checking the staff out.  As a normal practice, staff would read devotions to the guests after dinner. This little girl enjoyed the devotional time and was so happy to receive her own Veggie Tales Devotional Book, which was donated by one of our faithful volunteers. The little girl decided that she was going to be the official reader and discussion leader. The Joy of watching her lead others in this. “A little child will lead them and that is the truth!”

Dec. 2023:

  • We had a 59-year-old male veteran who stayed with us for over 6 months. During this time, he was able to maintain his sobriety, keep a full–time job and get linked with Veterans Services through HUD- VASH. This guest had a hard time getting housing due to an eviction. He was hit by a car and was in the hospital. During that time the landlord filed an eviction. This guest came to us from the hospital. While working with HUD-VASH he was able to get the eviction removed from his record and was able to obtain housing with some assistance from HUD- VASH.

Nov. 2023:

  • From – our social worker, Chelsea
    “I must say, it touches my heart that the children from one of the families quickly go into our family room eagerly waiting to do devotions. We always have a willing participant to read, (the children take turns reading) and the group has a discussion following the lesson read. One evening after our devotion, we went around the room and shared 3 things that we are all thankful for. Our 15-year-old said loudly and clearly that he was thankful for “this place” and it was so nice to hear a young man grateful for our services.

Oct. 2023:

  • This is short, yet sweet.  One evening our devotional was on “God Leading the Way” and our guest Dad shared how God led their family to Families Moving Forward.  They were desperate and living in their car but then they were able to stay at FMF and get the love and help they needed.  You never know the lives you impact by the kindness and love you show.